Meditation in Sport

Meditation is defined as the process that leads the individual towards a state of mind of maximum tranquility whose origin lies in religious and spiritual traditions. How is it achieved? Focusing all attention on a particular body aspect such as breathing, excluding any other thought from the mind. It will depend fundamentally on the type of meditation carried out, but in general terms these are its benefits in relation to physical activity:
  • Concentration. Perhaps it is the quality most used by athletes. With meditation you train the focus of attention on a specific factor, something necessary for the sport. Seeing passes where nobody sees them or making a tennis hit more effective are the consequences of dedicating training sessions to the mind. Before a major competition or a long distance race meditation will help you to exceed your limits to achieve what you want.
  • Aging and health. Meditation achieves a perfect efficiency of the regulatory mechanisms of the body maximizing, therefore, the corporal health throughout the life. Cognitive health, decision making or alertness are some of the effects of aging that are considerably reduced through this mental practice. In sports, there are studies that confirm the reduction of injuries considerably by practicing meditation regularly since our immune system is reinforced.
  • Display. Sports psychology seeks a training that goes beyond the physical and that greatly affects the latter. Imagine the trajectory of the ball in a free basketball shot or a free kick in football increases the effectiveness of the sport action, a fact proven by the scientific community. That degree of imagination can be improved if enough time is devoted to techniques such as meditation.

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